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What Chapters are inside?

Introduction 1. Know Yourself  2. Define Success  
3. Be Accountable 4. Get Organized  5. Get Focused  
6. Manage Your Time 7. Become Efficient
8. Establish Healthy Habits 9. Build Community and Relationships  10. Take Breaks  11. Overcome Obstacles 12. Hustle
+ each chapter includes worksheets and next steps!

Make Your Dreams Your Reality.

Get organized. Be inspired. Get ready to hustle! 


What sets her apart from the rest is her VISION. She is so clear, focused, and determined to succeed, and her energy and enthusiasm translates into everyone she works with. 

Holiday Miller

Kristy has made me a better business owner and has allowed me to pursue my dreams of being an entrepreneur. 

Abby Breax

After hearing Kristy speak, I now can say I have a method to organize my life and business! I cleared out the clutter and now have more TIME to spend with my daughter!

Kiralee Jones


Define Your Success. Live With Intention. Be Happy.

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